Bacardi Unveils Landmark Music Collaboration with Camila Cabello

Bacardi Unveils Landmark Music Collaboration with Camila Cabello

Bacardi Unveils Landmark Music Collaboration with Camila Cabello as Global Ambassador. Spanning two years, the campaign debuts with vibrant music-infused commercials during today's NBA broadcasts.

Bacardi Rum is amplifying its connection with music as a pivotal marketing strategy, launching an unparalleled partnership with global pop sensation Camila Cabello. This marks a significant moment as Bacardi embraces a long-term relationship with an artist, elevating both the brand's and Cabello's presence on the global stage.

Over the next two years, Bacardi and Cabello will coalesce in a series of high-profile appearances, from live performances and festivals to major broadcast events and billboards across key global cities.

Engagement Through Music

"Music is a fundamental part of our engagement strategy, bridging connections with our audience through shared moments of celebration," stated Roberto Ramirez Laverde, Bacardi’s Senior Vice President. "Camila not only resonates with our brand values but her dynamic presence aligns seamlessly with Bacardi, setting the stage for one of our most ambitious campaigns."

The partnership, a culmination of a year's planning between the Cuban-American artist and the brand with Cuban roots, marks Cabello's debut in alcohol endorsements. This synergy is particularly impactful in a saturated market of celebrity-brand collaborations, where Bacardi sees her vibrant energy as a unique asset.

"It's about finding the ideal collaborator," added Laverde. "Camila's deep involvement in the creative process ensures that the campaign transcends traditional advertising, reflecting both her personality and Bacardi's brand ethos."

Visual and Digital Campaign Rollout

The campaign's visual content will dominate outdoor advertising spaces in significant U.S. and international cities, celebrating Cabello's recent bold transition to platinum blonde—a nod to her upcoming album release. The debut single from the album, "I Luv It," not only charts her musical evolution but also features as the vibrant soundtrack to Bacardi's new commercial. This commercial, a festive portrayal shot against the scenic backdrop of the Dominican Republic and directed by Nicolás Méndez, captures a spirited block party atmosphere, resonating with Bacardi's lively brand persona.

As Bacardi continues to engage the next wave of rum enthusiasts, this partnership with Cabello—heralded for her light, spirited vibe—perfectly encapsulates the brand's forward-looking marketing ethos. This campaign is set to unfold across digital platforms and outdoor venues, inviting consumers into Bacardi's celebratory world, marked by music, flair, and a shared zest for life.