Hennessy Unveils Eccentric, Chic Films to Redefine Its Brand Image

Hennessy Unveils Eccentric, Chic Films to Redefine Its Brand Image
April 8, 2024

Hennessy takes a bold step away from traditional cognac perceptions with its latest campaign, showcasing the spirit's mixability through whimsical and stylish videos. The "Made for More" campaign breathes new life into Hennessy, inviting viewers to explore innovative ways of enjoying brandy cocktails.

Directed by Andreas Nilsson, known for his unique style, the series of five advertisements stars Damson Idris and Teyana Taylor engaging in quirky methods of cocktail preparation. From Taylor using a tennis ball cannon to mix her Hennessy cocktail to Idris creatively gathering ingredients for a Hennessy berry mojito on a massage chair, the campaign brings a fresh, playful perspective to the brand.

The creative vision behind these films was to embrace the unexpected, turning the art of cocktail making into an adventure. "The work should feel like a cocktail itself – a blend of diverse elements uniting to convey a message of 'more'," said the creative team. This approach not only adds an element of surprise but also emphasizes Hennessy's versatility.

Moreover, the campaign positions Hennessy within the luxury market, drawing parallels to high-fashion marketing through its sophisticated visual cues and production values. Accompanied by global TV, cinema, and online spots, the campaign's reach is further amplified by striking out-of-home advertisements captured by fashion photographer Micaiah Carter.

As part of the campaign, Hennessy is set to introduce these inventive drinks at various summer festivals, beginning with the Dreamville Festival. Through this initiative, Hennessy aims to demonstrate that crafting cocktails with depth and complexity can be simple, stylish, and, above all, fun.