Martini Ignites the Spirit of Aperitivo with "Dare To Be" Campaign

Martini Ignites the Spirit of Aperitivo with "Dare To Be" Campaign

Martini, the epitome of Italian elegance and style, is setting the stage to redefine the modern aperitivo with its bold new global campaign, "Martini Dare To Be." Launching in May 2024 in Spain and the Benelux, and later expanding to Portugal and Italy, this campaign is a vibrant celebration of life's playful and stylish moments.

"Dare To Be" invites you to shed the everyday and embrace your most charismatic self. The campaign is brought to life through the lens of Parisian fashion photographer Lou Escobar and directed by Tom Noakes, whose previous work has garnered a Gold Ciclope award. The visuals are as intoxicating as the drinks, featuring friends savoring light, refreshing Martini cocktails in a series of dynamic, color-saturated scenes that capture the essence of daytime socializing.

As a highlight of the campaign, Italian actress Simona Tabasco, known for her role in HBO's "The White Lotus," will bring her effortless charm and style to the forefront, embodying the "Dare To Be" ethos. The campaign kicks off with a grand celebration of modern Italian culture in Milan, surrounded by Simona's closest friends and family, complemented by local activations and special on-trade menus featuring limited edition Martini cocktails like Fiero and Tonic, Vibrante and Tonic, and Floreale and Tonic.

"Dare To Be" not only showcases Martini's rich heritage and leadership in the No-and-Lo alcohol category but also emphasizes the brand's deep-rooted connection to Italian culture, from its historical advertising featuring Hollywood elites to the iconic Martini racing stripes. According to Victoria Morris, Vice President of MARTINI, the campaign aims to foreground the brand's core values of style and playfulness, which have been integral to Martini's identity since its inception in 1863 by Alessandro Martini and Luigi Rossi.

This captivating campaign will feature across multiple platforms, including movie theatres, outdoor activities, and extensive digital and social media engagements, ensuring that Martini continues to be synonymous with style and innovation in the beverage alcohol world.

As the brand continues to evolve and expand its influence, "MARTINI Dare To Be" is more than just an advertising campaign — it's a movement towards embracing every moment with boldness and Italian flair, encouraging everyone to dare to be their most vibrant self.