Beverage marketing moves March 2024

Beverage marketing moves March 2024

818 Tequila's Mission to Cultivate a Good Time and Give Back

818 Tequila, under the helm of Kendall Jenner, has rapidly ascended not just for its award-winning taste but also for its profound commitment to sustainability and community support in Jalisco, Mexico. Unlike many, this brand leverages its platform for good, intertwining environmental consciousness with local community upliftment. With initiatives such as partnering with Sacred to support Mexican communities and achieving B Corporation certification, 818 Tequila embodies a new era of consumer ethos demanding brands to be more than just their products. The brand's efforts to foster a sustainable economy and ethical business practices set a commendable standard in the beverage industry, aligning perfectly with the values of the conscious consumer, particularly the 21-plus Gen Z demographic.

In this episode of Young Influentials, digital editor and host Colin Daniels sits down with Kathleen Braine, CMO of 818 Spirits, to talk about the brand’s origin story, its efforts to support the planet and the communities in Mexico where it operates, and how it’s attracting 21-plus Gen Z consumers.

Jameson's "St. Patrick’s Eve" Revelry with SNL's Colin Jost and Michael Che

Jameson Irish Whiskey, in its inventive flair, introduced "St. Patrick's Eve" to keep the spirit of celebration alive during a Leap Year, ensuring the revelry need not wait an extra day. Enlisting the charm of SNL's Colin Jost and Michael Che, the campaign humorously legitimizes this made-up holiday, underscoring Jameson's knack for blending tradition with modernity. This strategic move not only amplifies brand visibility across multiple cities but also strengthens its community by rallying people around a shared, lighthearted spirit. The campaign, encapsulated by jovial videos and a landmark event in Times Square, demonstrates Jameson's ability to create new traditions that foster communal bonds, making every moment worth celebrating.

Kahlua's Espresso Martini St. Patrick's Day Hijack

Kahlua takes a bold stride by inviting St. Patrick's Day celebrants to swap their traditional stout for an espresso martini, challenging norms with a twinkle of innovation. The campaign, led by the beloved Irish TikTok duo Tadhg and Derry Fleming, cleverly plays on Irish stereotypes and the holiday's customs, proposing an alternative that's as rich and creamy as the customary pint of Guinness. By integrating cultural nods and humor, Kahlua not only promotes its espresso martini but also captures the essence of St. Patrick's Day celebrations - unity and joy in diversity. This approach not only diversifies the holiday's beverage choices but also positions Kahlua as a brand that champions individuality and creativity in celebration.


These campaigns by 818 Tequila, Jameson, and Kahlua highlight a transformative shift in beverage marketing, where brands are not just sellers but storytellers, community builders, and cultural contributors. They illustrate the power of innovative marketing to not only drive brand engagement but also foster a sense of belonging, celebrate heritage, and encourage social responsibility. As we toast to these creative endeavors, we're reminded of the dynamic relationship between brands and their communities, proving that the best marketing moves are those that resonate on a personal level, inspire action, and uplift spirits in more ways than one.